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How does it work?


Continuous monitoring of buried steel pipes for dangerous external influences


Reliable detection of external impacts or damages


Immediate notification to any place of receipt


Specially adapted algorithms provide detailed information on the condition of the pipe

The CCP online monitoring system - Protects and monitors buried pipelines

SmartKKS, the CCP online monitoring system from RBS wave, gives operators of buried steel pipelines extra security. The system, comprising a CCP protective current unit on the one hand and an innovative, powerful CCP measurement tech-nology on the other, guarantees reliable corrosion protection and records all CCP measurement parameters as well as all external voltages and currents that affect a pipeline.

What's more, it safely detects dangerous external impacts on the pipeline such as damage during excavations, transmitting their immediate location to a control centre in the form of an alarm message.

Full control everytime and everywhere

  • Effective and easy data evaluation

    The intuitive user interface makes the evaluation of the measured data simple. Your data are presented cleary and in an understandable way over the period of time you desire.

  • Powerful data analysis

    The SmartKKS system uses powerful algorthims for analysis to provide you a complex data evaluation. The evaluation adapts individually to the protection object, so you get an in-depth look on what is happening on your pipeline.

  • Access to your data everywhere and anytime

    Your data an device settings can be accessed from any web-enabled device at all times. The online measurement allows you to monitor your devices in real time.

  • Security for your data

    With a personalized login and individual rights and user management, you decide who can view your data and manage your devices. Your data will also be encrypted at all times and stored securely.

Keep an eye on your data any time

Use your moble device and get the full range of features of SmartKKS also when you´re on the move. Whether laptop, smartphone or tablet - the user interface automatically adjusts at the resolution of the relevant display unit.

Comparison of the technologies

Technologies CCP SmartKKS
CCP system can be controlled via remote access
Collecting of the measured CCP values and transmitting them to an evaluation centre
Test directives: CE, VDE, AfK, EMC
Time synchronisation DCF77, GPS
Time synchronisation via NTP (Wireless Communication, Network
Detection of external force, e.g. impacts from excavator bucket
Economical set-up of remote CCP monitoring as per DVGW Code of Practice GW 16, Category 2c
Continuous, non-stop measurement and evaluation of all electrical signals on the pipeline
Separate evaluation of the electrical signals on the pipeline by disturbance parameters and the proportion caused by the CCP
Intelligent control of the CCP protective current on pipelines affected by induced AC voltage
Remote access at any time
Data transmission for the remote access via GPRS/UMTS/LTE wireless communication
Data transmission with remote access via Ethernet, fibre optic
Logging function via remote access
Parametrisation, software updates, data access, control: On site via display input, notebook, tablet, smartphone. Remote access via PC, tablet, smartphone with Internet access
Server-based evaluation platform with an interfaces to other software products including user administration and data export
Modular design of power electronics and measurement technology for individual requirements
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